Friday, September 19, 2008


On Tuesday September 16th, Texas band -The Lovely Sparrows released their debut album "Bury The Cynics" and I was lucky enough to have designed and plastered my artwork all over the digipack sleeve. Months and months ago I was contacted to start submitting art as Sparrows singer Shawn Jones had found my work via (the largest concert poster database online). I believe he contacted me after having seen my poster for Smog. Anyway, I was up for it and the band was just about to record in the studio after Shawn had completed several home demos.
I had Shawn send me what he had written, and listened to it until something began to take shape in my mind, color scheme, seasonal references, mood, etc. To me the album had a bittersweet feel and the chording and lyrics sounded very much like music that perfect for Fall. That initiated the red, yellow, black and green color scheme.
We exchanged several emails about the emerging album title, possible track list and various mock-ups for the cover. The cover type came about after many rounds hand painting titles using pen & ink and brush. For some reason subtle, small type seemed inappropriate. The images were bold and the type couldn't afford to be shy.
As the recordings began, I would be emailed mp3s of the work in progress and as the art was being refined, so were the tracks. That was a pretty ideal situation to be in, as I felt very much involved with the record.
I think when Shawn had sent me the final mix of "Department of Forseeable Outcomes" I felt like he had created something quite extraordinary- the female baking vocals, rolling drums, and oh-so right touches of reverb, gave me chills. I would stare at the cover image as I listened, making sure it all melded. As a record nerd, i know how absolutely important it is for these things to synch.
Included here are all of the images that made the realms of further consideration. Half of these were not used, but may be used in the upcoming LP version, which may or may not have a slightly different cover/back cover and insert configuration.
Seeing the record on the store shelf at long last made quite an impression and It was very thrilling to hear the final mixes for all of the songs. If only we could get Shawn to release the demo version of the title song on some subsequent EP, then the intimate thread of the entire album could be heard via a completely different rendering. I'd like to thank Shawn for his faith in my art and for giving me something to work on that was extremely fun.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sketchbook #3

This picture was done some time ago for possible inclusion into my second book: Journey By Ferry To Celibate City Or Thigh Town.