Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eel Mansions, Fresh From Canada!

Tom K, publisher of Uncivilized Books must have caught wind of my French Canadian/Dutch/Hillbilly German/Mexican roots and paid me partial tribute by having my book printed up north. Anyhows, advance copies of the collected Eel Mansions have arrived. Pre-order copies and review copies are shipping from Uncivilized Books now, the store copies will follow shortly.

The fine folks at Uncivilized are still selling copies of Eels at the discounted pre-order price until the end of the month as part of their French Canadian/Dutch/Hillbilly German/Mexican tribute sale. If you're of age, grab some whiskey and get ready to curl up with the book that's gonna treat you right in 2015. Well, there might be another book that's gonna treat you right. We'll have to wait and see. Meow.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Murder Shoes At The Kitty Cat Klub Dec. 10th

Once again, we'll be playing at The Kitty Cat Klub in Southeast Minneapolis, but this time we'll be sharing the stage with Monica LaPlante. If you haven't heard her yet, check out the clip, it's the bee keeper's knees. Show starts at 10 pm sharp!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Second Show At The Kitty Cat Klub

Thanks to everybody that turned out for our second outing. We debuted two more songs that night, "I Can Count To Infinity" and "Die Another day", both acoustic songs given an electric reboot. "Infinity" used to sound like The Church, now it sounds like the Stones. I don't know how the hell that happened in translation, but there it is.

Tonight we're working on a new song called "Maybe You Can" for our third Kitty Cat show on December 10th. We've got nearly a dozen new ones in progress, more on that later.

Undercurrent Mnpls taped and posted a song from our second show at The Kitty Cat Klub, it's called "Under The Sea (2)". Black and white, very nice.

2nd Show Setlist:

When You're Dreaming
Under The Sea (2)
Fuck Pop
Die Another Day
Every Heart Has A Fool
Charlotte Manning
Out On My Own
Jenny Says
I Can Count To Infinity
On A Train Or In Your Bed
Sea A Little Louder

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Brooklyn, I Hear Ya Hollerin'

That's right! I'm heading back to NYC, and this time, I get to promote my first full length effort published by Uncivilized Books, Eel Mansions! Two years in the making and 240 pages long. It's a beast to be sure. So yes, I'll be at the CAB festival talking shop, signing books, and meeting all sorts of fine folks. As you know, traveling can be a financial pisser. Seems like a great time to go through the art stacks and offer up a variety of sketches and drawings. Some you may have seen in my art/lit books, some are new. I'll be updating images all week, so keep checkin' back.

Take a gander at today's batch here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Murder Shoes At The Kitty Cat Klub

Tomorrow night my group Murder Shoes (formerly Marriage At Nevers) will debut in its five piece line up at the Kitty Cat Klub in Southeast Minneapolis. We'll go on around 10:15. Hope to see you there.

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Band Sneak Peek At Public Functionary

Tonight, at Public Functionary Gallery in North East Minneapolis, Riveter Magazine will be holding an event from 7 to 9pm which will focus on women and narratives (fiction & journalism), calligraphy demos, and book binding. Following after will be two sets of music, one by A M Stryker and the other by members of Murder Shoes (formerly known as Marriage At Nevers). The Murder Shoes set will preview our new material in an informal setting before our proper five piece full band set next Wednesday at the Kitty Cat Klub. In between these sets will be vinyl D.J. sets by Chris White and myself. Expect garage rock, yakety sax, and my usual punk faves. Fun til' midnight or so. All this and a mammoth amount of art. Meowsa!