Friday, March 20, 2009

The Week In Review ( A Page Three Kinda Guy)

This Sunday's New York Times has a new drawing of mine in the Week In Review section! FYI: The print version sports a more impressive 6.3 x 7.75 graphic.

Since I can't post any pictures relating to it quite yet (roughs/etc.) , I can of course, post one of my favorite drawings in its stead to make up for the dead space.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Odds & Sods/Mome 14 Outtakes

Sometimes stuff doesn't fit- here's a peek at some panels from three stories that hit the cutting room floor:

Tear Apart Your Questionable Couch For Economy Stimulating Change

The new Mome (no. 14) is now available for public consumption via better bookstores and Fantagraphics Books! Featuring a 32 page story and cover by Lilli Carre (The Lagoon), as well as new work by Gilbert Shelton, Pic, Laura Park, Oliver Schrauwen, Dash Shaw, Ray Fenwick, Frank Santoro, Ben Jones, Jon Vermilyea, Conor O'Keefe, Sara Edward-Corbett, Emile Bravo, Josh Simmons, and I've got 7 or so pages. It's a nice looking book, possibly my favorite of the three I've been in. Go forth and spread the word.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Correction Regarding Mome #15

I'm Sorry Dept.-

Well, it's kinda my fault. I gave Fantagraphics part one of a big ass World War Two Supernatural Weird War/Creepy style thriller and didn't really announce it until I had ftp'd it into their art files. This is Mome after all, and there are several serials coming and going all the time so mine was a "what the hell" kind of moment. Not to mention the huge amount of regulars that now co-habitat the pages. Well, that was fourteen pages and then there were two more stories making for a 17 page delivery. All of this will now be slated for issue #16, and so, I will be sitting out the entirety of number fifteen. I feel weird about it as i am now backlogging work and #16 will debut TWO serials- the Devil Doll and a series about a character named Janet.

All this and the inevitable "do I leave New York" b.s.
So many things to think about. I have a year.

Enjoy the randomness of unreleasedom as i enjoy Willie Nelson's Bourbon- "Old Whiskey River":