Thursday, November 8, 2012

EEL MANSIONS Now available for pre-order from Uncivilized Books

I doft my hat for Uncivilized Books publisher Tom Kaczynski, as he has managed to squeeze out the first issue of Eel Mansions despite his punishing end of the year schedule. The first issue, a 40 page mini juggernaut, is now available for pre-order HERE. The copies will be mailed out as they are put together, with the official debut of them being at the November 10th Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in New York.

Below is the front and back cover design done by Tom K. The cover itself was printed on spiffy navy blue French paper on the La Mano press.

The first issue is an introduction to the characters and story arcs that will be built upon with every new issue. There's the usual conspiracy theory humor, non sequitors, ghoul hounded orphans who eat retro cereals, know it all comic book drunkards, secret agents, new wave military satanists, record store clerks, and murder condiments. In short, it's a noir soap opera about America. So that makes me a journalist. Of the mind. Or something.

Anyways, everybody likes a good serial every now and then.


New Drawings 11/8/12

Monday, October 1, 2012