Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brides of Neptune/These Days I'm Not So Sure

I guess I've been having what you might call time management problems. Yesterday I was about to post another page from Abstraction House when thee olde computer took a dump. I had to sit back and think about it for a minute. This bastard machine isn't to blame. It's got too much shit to think about. Just like me. We have this sort of hiccuping thing in common. The fact is, there's no longer a deadline for Whiskey Is The Key. It's grown into a sort of dumpy ass monster. Maybe by the time it's done it'll be 250 or so pages. I'll probably look for a grant to put it out.

Anyway, this past year I've drawn about 100 pages worth of comics for it. Then there's this other thing, The Devil Doll. That's been appearing in Mome and I'm set to deliver the next 12-15 pages by May 15th. I've drawn a good 30 pages worth of that this past year. Delivering that means I can't work on Whiskey. That's fine, I like the structure that the Devil Doll imposes. The script is a grower. Anybody that's has an inkling of what it's all about or what's about to happen has no idea, and I like that. Chapter 4 gets very weird.

But then there's Enough Astronaut Blood To last The Winter, my new collection of short stories and art. I'm applying for a grant to publish that by, well, this friday. That's two hundred pages of new art and short stories post the Journey By Ferry book. Sounds like a busy schedule right?

Oh yes, there's the weekly visits to hustle speculative cartoons at the New Yorker.

Annnnnndddddd, the work I'm doing for the Austin, Texas band, the Lovely Sparrows.

And a day job on top of that. I'm not complaining, just voicing some sort of tiredness. This ambiguous nebulous art matter floating forever. What is it. Who shellacs it? Who tells it to lie down, take a nap? I don't have any answers really, I'll just keep posting the work as it gets finished. god have mercy on that ol' liver.

P.S. Today I forked over some blood money for that art of Jamie Hernandez book (yeah I know, worth every penny.). It's overwhelming how good it is. Inspirational, really.

I got to meet him at MoCCA at our joint (Fantagraphics) table and had him sign a book for a friend but didn't get a chance to chew the fat since there were forty million people behind me. I wanted to ask him if he'd be willing to give Ray a shave.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whiskey Is The Key Says Me (post-preview-preview)

I debuted the rough 1st draft of Whiskey Is The Key at the MoCCA fest and now I'm switching gears trying to get the rest of it finished along with part four of the Devil Doll as well as the sequel to Journey By Ferry, I'll post the cover to that the meantime, here's a brand new Whiskey page.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

MoCCA Festival This Weekend!!

This Saturday & Sunday at the armory on 68 Lexington between 25/26th street, I'll be signing books at the Fantagraphics Books table 11:00-12:00. I'll also be at the AWP (Brooklyn Collective) table during the rest of the show or just floating around looking at all the other work on display. For this MoCCA show I'll have TWO brand new books that are making tehir first appearances- the new Mome(#18) featuring a ten pager segment of The Devil Doll serial, and also a uncorrected proof version of my first collection of comics, Whiskey Is the Key Says Me (108pgs). I'll also be hawking old copies of Mome as well as my collection of art and short stories, Journey By Ferry To Celibate City or Thigh Town. This year I'll also be selling original art from my work with Fantagraphics Books and my own work, so if you've enjoyed any of the weirdness I've been posting, now's your chance to take it home and own it for the ages.

The complete signing schedule for the Fantagraphics table is below. See you at the show!