Friday, April 21, 2017

Wandering & Wondering

Hot damn! Lock up your cats. It's finally out! The debut album by Witch Watch, Wandering and Wondering, is now available via Bandcamp (itunes and streaming in a week or so). It was recorded by Knol Tate, Jonathan Neighbors, and myself and features a very haunting cover by Minneapolis artist Edie Overturf.

Monday, April 17, 2017

It's Monday. You Should Watch A Video.

Last month my new group, Witch Watch shot a second video for our upcoming album, Wandering and Wondering. There's a corresponding single to go with it on Bandcamp, featuring another three non-album b-sides. If you like songs about people named Mr.Fish, raising the dead, and just flat out stream of crazy wordplay, you may be in luck.

The director of the video is Joah Colby. Molly Uravitch designed the costumes. I made that weird bug that sits atop the amplifier and edited/storyboarded the thing. The album comes out April 21st.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Witch Watch Single & Promo Film

Well, after lots of glue gun induced blistered flesh burns, I have to say, here tis, the debut single and film of my new group, Witch Watch, along with 3 non-album b-sides. The key word on this is dreamy. That will change with subsequent singles, but here we are. Misty swamps and cannibles.

This was shot in my living room. Two months of crazy. Cardboard everywhere. In a word, great. All in the name of art. Joah Colby at the camera, Molly Uravitch and myself at the controls of set design and props. Anna Neighbors and Derek Van Gieson of Witch Watch appear in the film along with good friends Jonathan Neighbors and Daniel Buettner.

More soon.