Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Haps (End of the year edition)

Strange, things are now barreling fast down the road and if I have any control over this overloaded work truck, I'll be delivering the goods over the course of 2011. If I wrap them up soon. Soon being between now and the end of March. Let's see if this makes any sense.

This 200 page collection of short fiction & art is in the layout stages. I'm still getting some contact sheets back from the labs, writing some spontaneous short, short fiction and drawing some bits of weirdness to round out the book. It's a balance, y'know. It turns out I've been skimping on the non-sequitors. As soon as the rough layout is finished (within the next month or two, I'll pitch it and hopefully it will emerge early 2012.

A year or so back, maybe longer, I started working with Shawn Jones of The Lovely Sparrows on an arty book to accompany his band's new album. He's about finished with the record and so Shawn will be coming down to Brooklyn for a week so that we can finish the book portion of it. Also, we'll be recording tracks during the evening for a secret project. A working holiday, my favorite kind. This takes place and wraps up mid January.

This is the serial WWII Noir/Horror graphic novel I've been working on with Michael Jada that's been running in the Mome anthology. I'll be delivering the last few chapters by the end of February. I'll be revising the first chapter, and adding a prologue which will then round out the 80+ page book for the compiled pitch. Maybe another early 2012 book.

This is the one man comics anthology I've been working on for the last two years. Originally it was called Whiskey Is The Key, but lately I've been re-evaluating the material and format. It will house some isolated pieces, such as bits from Mome and also some steady characters that will be fleshed out over time. The first issue will clock in around a hundred pages or so and come out anually if all goes right.

In February, Erin Gibson and I will be finishing our album of weirdness produced under the banner of Ebersole Versus Carberry. Part dancy, part dissonant, part eccentric, part electric boa.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Imitation Objects Interview

Writer, editor, comrade, and fellow whiskey & profanity enthusiast, Jen Hazen, takes time out for a q&a with me on her recently launched new york art/design/music/lifestyle blog, Imitation Objects. Questions asked include my top musical choices for invoking art, influences, and who the mysterious women are that haunt my drawings. Take a gander and see what Miss Hazen and her crack team of specialists have curated especially for you here.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010