Monday, April 13, 2015

Girls Named Benji Music Blog

As I mentioned, I just started an album review blog, it's called Girls Named Benji. Yeah, well I named it after a Murder Shoes song because, well I can. Check out the first review, a piece on Alex Calder's Strange Dreams album here.

More records forthcoming as I can afford em.

The Haps 4/13/15 Edition

It's been the start of a busy season. A new book of mine starts production in June (more on that soon), and work has started on two smaller books that are in the vein of Searle, Silverstein, Gorey, and Lear. That is to say- dark, morbid and funny.

I've also been taking copious notes for the next book in the Eel Mansions series. It's really just been a matter of having enough of both plot points and random stray thoughts to lurch forth. That said, the Doomin mini will wrap soon.

There have also been freelance projects, posters and imagery for Katie Green's new play "Great Gold Bird, Great Dark Yawn" as well as drawings for food zine Put an Egg On It, and the cover for the new Lovely Sparrows album.

In music news, my group Murder Shoes is releasing it's first EP via Land Ski records on May 1st. The release show happens at The Red Stag on May 3rd. We'll have cd copies of the EP as well as our debut single Cash On Fire. Nice thing about the Cash On Fire cd- it comes with 15 demos. We have another EP recorded, and we're stockpiling songs for our first full length. We have about 11 demos floating around towards that. Once we have about 30 we'll end up recording about 20 or so of them and edit from there. We have four songwriters now, so all systems are go.

I'm also starting a music review blog. I'll have details on that soon as well. OK, back to work.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Show At The Kitty Cat Klub April 8th

See you there with people in your hair...

Murder Shoes Preview Track Just Released

MEOW! Brand new preview single, "Maybe You Can" from my group, MURDER SHOES is available now. It's a track off our new Land Ski Records EP coming out May 1st. It was recorded by Knol Tate. I think it's more than fair to call it the bee's pajamas. Check it out the first lookee here.