Sunday, November 16, 2014

Second Show At The Kitty Cat Klub

Thanks to everybody that turned out for our second outing. We debuted two more songs that night, "I Can Count To Infinity" and "Die Another day", both acoustic songs given an electric reboot. "Infinity" used to sound like The Church, now it sounds like the Stones. I don't know how the hell that happened in translation, but there it is.

Tonight we're working on a new song called "Maybe You Can" for our third Kitty Cat show on December 10th. We've got nearly a dozen new ones in progress, more on that later.

Undercurrent Mnpls taped and posted a song from our second show at The Kitty Cat Klub, it's called "Under The Sea (2)". Black and white, very nice.

2nd Show Setlist:

When You're Dreaming
Under The Sea (2)
Fuck Pop
Die Another Day
Every Heart Has A Fool
Charlotte Manning
Out On My Own
Jenny Says
I Can Count To Infinity
On A Train Or In Your Bed
Sea A Little Louder