Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thirty Pages of ???? For The MoCCA Festival

If everything plays out accordingly, I'll have a 30 page preview of that 100page untitled book I've been discussing/working on. The MoCCA fest is June 6th and 7th. Enjoy the randomness of this contextless panel.

Correction, it will more likely be a 14 page preview of the 100pager. sorry.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Soups, Publications, Meows, and Mountains

There is a mountain of work lying around, hardly cataloged, in need of flat files. I may need to marry in to a flat file producing family. The excessive paper is due to my occasional disregard for the traditional template/grid structure. I've posted lengthier bits on this previously and shown some examples. Here again are six drawings from (Transfixation & The Winds of The North, Mome 14) that were ultimately reduced to fit on a single page in a 10x7 inch format book. Now, a story I've been working on called The Devil Doll uses the same size bristol (11x14) and at present count, the first installment ran in excess of 120 drawings. There's also the accumulating pile of rejected New Yorker cartoons that are stranded all over the place. At least most of those are a managable size. Eventually I'd like to exhibit these.

In the recent development department I have now started working on a new 100 page book of stories- much in the vein of the work I've been turning in for Fantagraphics. This is mainly to house all of my overflowing output that can't fit in Mome. I have no idea what the title for it will be or who will put it out, but I'd like to maybe publish two a year.

Another idea that has been creepin' and crawlin' around in my head is a cook book. But you know. a crazy one. All of my renegade recipes of course, as well as pen and ink artwork, related short stories, and maybe some of those aforementioned rejected New Yorker (food oriented) cartoons, and some good cookbook pastiche. Should be a hoot. Most likely I'll put that one out myself.