Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jingle Jangle Jungle Junction

I've been writing lots of songs lately, most of them for the band I'm in (Marriage At Nevers) but sometimes stuff just doesn't fit right or just seems really off. I'm now putting out a few of these fazed and not so fazed cookies. The first coupling finds me indulging my sweet tooth for evil folk music. 12 string guitars, melodicas, ebows, reverb and triple tracked vox. Think early Tyrannosaurus Rex meets Bauhaus. But more crispy. You know, like it was recorded in my tiny office with a shitty condenser mic filled with the spirits. You can find them here.

EEL MANSIONS Index Fig.6 (The Floyd)

And I give you more in the "too much information" department.

Eel Mansions No. 1 available from Uncivilized Books.

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