Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Death Rattle

The end of Murder Shoes was a long time coming. The reasons for the breakup are many and varied, and I'd rather not bore you with the details. Suffice to say, that first year was a beautiful experience. The second year, not so much.

Anyway, we've moved on and my next project is already underway. My new group is called Witch Watch, and currently it's myself and Anna Neighbors. We've been plugging away, working on songs that were originally written for the second Murder Shoes album pile. We have over 30 in various states of completion, and we'll be tracking between 10-13 with Knol Tate in November. A couple friends of ours have offered to lend a hand with the bass and drums, thus ensuring maximum mojo. I'll be selling some art to help fund that session, so if you've dug the visual vibes I've laid out for Murder Shoes, do get in touch.

In brief, Witch Watch is a weirder version of Murder Shoes. Rougher, stranger, moodier, more absurd, and at times more pretty. If you like your Hot Snakes next to your Cocteau Twins following your Troggs, and after your Bauhaus and Wire flowing out of your music dispersal unit, you'll get the picture.

Jerard Fagerberg of the City Pages, wrote a nice epitaph on Murder Shoes. You can read it HERE.

More soon.