Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Astronaut Blood/Sasquatch Verde & The Future

A week from tomorrow I'll be on my way with all of my worldly doodads and whatnots for my new home in Minneapolis. While in Michigan I've been wrapping up post funeral arrangements and setting things up for my move. In addition, I've put together several different versions of the Astronaut Blood book, all of which left me confused and unsatisfied. The old hand held papaerback format just wasn't working. Over half of the work included was also originally in color. Blowing it out in my old preferred paperback format just wasn't suiting the work anymore. It needs to be bigger and in color. Also, releasing my work every four to six years was becoming a real drag. Organizing and scanning it the end of the cycle was becoming a pain in the ass, and I've been wanting to do something more regular for momentum purposes. Tie this all in with my return to oil painting and you've got quite quandry. The best way to keep it all together, tidy, and handsome, is to collect it, put it on good paper, and put it under hardcover. Unfortunately, that manner of spiffy book will cost more, but it's the most appropriate delivery method for my work. The upside is that they'll look good and come out regularly 4-6 times a year.

The books will be in an 8x10 format, color & black & white on matte paper, hardcover, 160 pages, and available via direct order or at forthcoming exhibitions. The first three volumes will consist mostly of work from what would have been in Enough Astronaut Blood, some redesigned and refashioned work from the out of print Shutdown Vol. 3, along with a few paintings from inbetween those periods. After those three volumes, the subsequent books will be up to date collections of post New York period work. I started a separate Tumblr blog for this project, which will be known as Sasquatch Verde. I'll keep posting things on this blog that may or may not relate to that idea. I thank you for your patience. Beleive me when I say this has been a real pisser, and a real relief. These last few months have been crushing.