Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Astronaut Blood Now Shipping

The very fine folk at Fantagraphics Books now have copies in stock of my new art book, Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter. Years in the making and finally available for your coffee table, you can order a gazillion copies here. Maybe gift a couple. Use them for security purposes. Impress your housecat. Those bastards read, make no mistake about it.

Also, the first 50 copies come with a special Murder Shoes compilation that cherry picks from all three EPs as well as the new LP, Daydreaming. We also tucked some rare demos in there too.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Tonight At The Triple Rock

Tonight at the Triple Rock, we'll be playing with Cherry Cola, as well as Ripper and Deleter, who are releasing a cassette EP and vinyl LP respectively. Very very excited for them. You can also pick up our recently released LP and maybe hear a new song or two. That's right, we're demoing for the next album. It's gonna be a good year.