Monday, March 2, 2009

Correction Regarding Mome #15

I'm Sorry Dept.-

Well, it's kinda my fault. I gave Fantagraphics part one of a big ass World War Two Supernatural Weird War/Creepy style thriller and didn't really announce it until I had ftp'd it into their art files. This is Mome after all, and there are several serials coming and going all the time so mine was a "what the hell" kind of moment. Not to mention the huge amount of regulars that now co-habitat the pages. Well, that was fourteen pages and then there were two more stories making for a 17 page delivery. All of this will now be slated for issue #16, and so, I will be sitting out the entirety of number fifteen. I feel weird about it as i am now backlogging work and #16 will debut TWO serials- the Devil Doll and a series about a character named Janet.

All this and the inevitable "do I leave New York" b.s.
So many things to think about. I have a year.

Enjoy the randomness of unreleasedom as i enjoy Willie Nelson's Bourbon- "Old Whiskey River":

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