Thursday, August 21, 2008

LUMINOUS GROOVES- Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians Boxed Set Review

Fegmania- (7 bonus tracks)
Element of Light (10 bonus tracks)
Gotta Let This Hen Out (7 bonus tracks)
Bad Case of History -exclusive to this boxed set (32 rare & unreleased studio/live tracks)

It's time to burn your bongos tonight, Yep Roc Records has delivered another string of fine albums from Robyn's long out-of print catalog, this time around we have three albums with his backing group the Egyptians as well as a generous pile of out-takes from his ever growing, ever surprising stash. While much has been written of Hitchcock's Lennonesque, Barrett-like, and oober-Dylan songwriting qualities, Robyn exists quite independently with his own unique casserole of intelligent, insightful, and at times abstract lyrics melded with well-constructed, intricate and melodic musical undercarriages.

To the uninitiated and the curious, here are a few examples you can check out on some site that may offer samples (such as Amazon or whatever, keep in mind to always support your independent record store whenever possible)

"I Am Not Me" from Bad Case of History
"Surfer Ghost" from Bad Case of History
"Another Bubble" from Fegmania
"My Wife & My Dead Wife" from Gotta Let This Hen Out
"The Leopard" from Element of Light
"Bass" from Element of Light

Aside from anything I could possibly write about the particulars of his work contextually, we always know what we like in music by the old fashioned subjective honest listen.

Open Your beak and close your eyes

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