Thursday, May 13, 2010

These Things Take Time

Just a reminder regarding the Roman Invasion Suite files that are in the process of being transfered, hopefully not too much longer on getting that DAT stuff done, the cassette and live recordings are all ready for cleaning up too. Thank you for being patient everybody! (the photo below documents one of the few times I ran two half stacks at once, I had one for a damn good clean channel and another for some low end distortion and a switch box to go between the two or run them both at the same time. This is the only time the setup worked. I tried to bring it to Ohio for a show but it didn't work and seemed like a ridiculous setup to be carting around for out of town shows. The guitar in the photo was lent to me as a spare. The best compliment from this show (our second, and with Broken Hearts Are Blue) was that my guitar sounded not unlike that of CCR. Bright and swishy.)


1.Sixth Small Jack (1996 home demo)
2.Sixth Small Jack (Live 12/24/96, first show)
siege of port theodora sessions 2/3/97
4.Exit 84
5.14 Miles
6.Farewell, Miss Sand
7.Sixth Small Jack
8.14 Miles (alternate take)
9.Farewell, Miss Sand (alternate take)

10.Carnations (live 2/22/97)
11.14 Miles (live 2/22/97)
12.Exit 84 (live 2/22/97)
13.The Metric System Remembers Me (live 2/22/97)

PLAYS FOR ONE (unreleased LP, recorded at WGNS, washington D.C. 1997)

14.The Second Book of Discipline
17.Sixth Small Jack
18.The Metric System Remembers Me
19.Hide & Seek With Burkah
20.Maltese Capital Execution
21.Absolutely Vile

22.Hide & Seek With Burkah (live 1997)
23.Exit 84 (alternate instrumental recording)
24.Release Me
25.Let It Swing
26.Untitled Fragment
27.Your Truck Is Out of Luck (demo)
29.Untitled (demo)
30.The Last Motel

Here's the silkscreened cassette and one of the old patches..


Anonymous said...

I can't wait!

Russell said...

By the way, where can I find The Paraguay City Rollers' MP3s?

Derek Van Gieson said...

The Rollers stuff is still trapped on cassettes, but I may get to that at the same time as some of the Romans stuff. There were DATs for the two three song studio sessions at one point too but the engineer lost them (as well as alot of other Kzoo bands stuff) on a train in Japan.

SnackyPacks said...

I'm still 100% excited for this and I can't wait for more updates. Do you know if there will be any physical release of this or will you pretty much just upload it onto the internet?

Derek Van Gieson said...

I think I might put someting together for those that might want a hard copy, with slightly better sound. Maybe I'll silkscreen the sleeves like we did with our cassettes except more arty. I'll post the art to that soon.