Monday, October 17, 2011

What Once Was and Whatever Shall Be..

So as you may have noticed, I borrowed the cover of the now defunct Whiskey Is The Key for Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter. It works better for that type of art and story collection. It seems to sum up these last years in NYC just fine. And with Astronaut Blood being shopped around in the publishing sphere, I thought I'd go back to what once was Whiskey Is The Key and see if I can salvage anything from that. The plan is still the same, assemble a comics collection for a debut issue that should be about 100 pages long. It'll be a mix of the serious, not so serious, utterly ridiculous, bat-shit crazy, and so forth. There will be a few parodies, a Doomin' story, Thirty Seven Going on Eighty Five, a Devil Doll satire and then some of the shorter Mome pieces of mine as well as Tales of Abstraction House. I'd say the whole thing is 75% done. It just needs a name and a publisher. More on that as well.

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