Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Astronaut Blood Full Stop!

It was only a few weeks ago that I was still living in NYC and so I thought I'd try to squeeze out any last remaining New Yorkness with these weekly drawing sessions. My head was still trapped there and it wasn't until I dropped in to Kalamazoo to visit some old friends that I realized that my time in New York was now clearly over. While I didn't get to see everybody I wanted to (gimmee your address and digits), I did end up staying with some good pals, took some pics, drew some inky drawings, and even recorded some music before leaving. These drawings are from my last batch of Astronaut Blood sessions and I now face the challenge of editing all of this together for the 300 page + edition. Well, once I get another G4 power adapter for my very old school computer. I was told at the Apple store that they don't carry them anymore as they are considered "vintage". After all that's squared away, then it's publisher hunting time. Feel free to raise a ruckus on my behalf with any parties you think may be interested. Also, I'll still be working on more daily new drawings, but they'll either be for a new book project or will serve as studies for my next batch of oil paintings. Thanks for taking the time to take a gander, DVG


Rororosie said...

Derek! I'm happy, missing you, funny to. Would like to see you again. Always welcome here. -Rosie

Nate Neal said...

that last drawing with the trees be good. me enjoy. where's the correspondence, eh?