Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter (update)

This morning I finished selecting the last of the artwork and short stories to make the final cut of the Astro Blood book. The final page count is 360 pages. It's rather mammoth, yet a very accurate document of the NYC years 2007-2012. That's who I was at that particular time. If you've read and seen Journey By Ferry To Celibate City or Thigh Town, it's a peculiar transition art and story wise. Definately informed by the change of location and situations.

Now, I'm on to complete my move to Minneapolis, start several new books and a new series of oil paintings.

Here's the latest in a series of cover designs. I change my mind alot, but trying to determine what's appropriate representation for a book of drawings, photographs, and short stories is rather troublesome business. Here's yet another stab. This one will be on the dummy copies being sent to publishers next week.

Oh yes, included in the book is THE most crazy six page choose your own adventure story ever written, entitled Hazzard A Guess With The Three Bean Machine. Ridiculous. A must.

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