Monday, May 14, 2012

The Haps: May Edition

I'm all unpacked and enjoying the neighborhood, which is unbelievably beautious. I'm about to hunt down some manner of labor to bring in some fresh scratch, but before I do that, I'd like to lay out what's happening and what is in the works.

The big project- a new series of oil paintings, my first since 2006, that's about to start. I'm setting up the studio this week. I'll post more on that and some upcoming studies when that's more evolved.

As I previously posted, what was once called Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter has now been folded into my new ongoing art book series called Sasquatch Verde. It's more in the hardcover/nice paper/color/coffee table vein than the old b&w pulp/paperback/format. It serves as a handy reference series for me, as a significant amount of my work tends to wander or get misplaced. Since I'm more productive these days, I'll be working on putting out four volumes of Sasquatch verde a year and they'll have everything-the drawings/watercolors/oils/photography/writing/collage, whatever I've been doing, it'll be in there. No more of this every five or six years business. The Minneapolis work will start appearing in Sasquatch Verde No.5. Volumes 3 & 4 are devoted to the New York period (Astro Blood) from 2006-2011. Volumes 1 & 2 are redesigns of my first two books Shutdown Vol.3 and Journey By Ferry. Why? I want to bring them into the 8x10 format. I like my work to be uniform. So yes, five volumes of Sasquatch Verde are being worked on at once.

I'm also working on the first chapter of the Eel Mansions story. That should be around 24 pages or so. I was taking a break from it for a bit as I wanted to get a better handle on some of the character and story elements, but now I'm ready to bet back to work. That will be put together with a Tales of Abstraction story and a Doomin piece to bring it to 32 pages. Looks like I'm still on track for the end of June to wrap up the drawing part.

The Roman Invasion Suite remasters is still waiting on the remastering part. All of the tracks have been found, selected, and collected, and so it is now in the capable hands of Romans drummer Bryan, to see it through to the end. I've been working on a book that collects all the old art & whatnot. Some interviews with the group. I'm still waiting on some of that.

And, that's about it. Maybe I'll join some old punkers softball league, I dunno.

Below is a quick watercolor sketch of my view from the front porch. That Iris is everywhere.

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vorbey said...

good to hear the tape is getting done :)