Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Massive 440 Page Catalog of Work 1997-2012 Underway

Inbetween other projects, I've been working on compiling a collection of work spanning 1997-2012. The book starts with posters and art done for my old band The Roman Invasion Suite, moving through all three art & lit books, various oils & lithograph exhibitions, The Bridge Over River Qua and other band posters/art and will end with recent drawings and paintings. It's a giant, color and black and white monster. The book is meant to clear the decks for future stand alone books that will be issued by year. I figured it was time to do this as I don't have any flat files and keeping artwork organized is a very serious and precarious situation.

A stand alone black & white book on the Roman Invasion Suite is still in the works. That will contain interviews, photgraphs, art, and ads and clippings from that time.

A collection of short fiction will also follow at the close of the year, under the title Where The Red Fang Grows. That will also be survey skimming all three previous books along with more recent stories. It's sure to be the perfect gift for that special nutbag in your life.

Here's a teaser for the big book-

Below are two pictures from The Shutdown Volume 3 period (1999-2003) Both the drawing and lithograph were done at The Art Students League NYC in 1999.

And here we have a painted poster I did for one of the Romans shows from our East Coast tour. I did this after we came back as I didn't remember seeing any posters for it and I wanted something to commemorate the show.

Also I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't pimp my most recent 360 page book of art and short stories. It's my best work work to date and it looks hot in any room of the house. Did anything change in my life while I was out in lil' NYC? Sure as shit it did. Anybody remotely interested in my work should see what I've been up to. A link below makes it easy as hell to buy and all that stuff.

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