Friday, February 15, 2013

The Haps 2/15/13 Edition

Hello- brief update on what's cookin'.

In fine art news I've started doing oils again and will debut a few new pieces in tandem with plenty of new pen and ink work. The show is still being set up and so I'll have to dish details on that laters.

In music news, Marriage At Nevers (Chris White & I) are putting the finishing touches on the last song for our 7" EP this sunday. Then it's off to get mastered and then to the pressing plant. Finances pending. We've got about 12-15 more songs just lying around in various stages. We are a prolific bunch.

In comics news, work on Eel Mansions No. 2 has now started in earnest, as I had to rewrite the second issue more than a few times. The first issue was more of an introduction to some plotlines and all of the characters. The next several issues will explore the chracters one by one until they all reconverge for the rest of the story. This is just to flesh everybody out and to give some character development. Probably the order will be such:

No.2=Janet Planet
No.3=Armistead Fowler
No.4=The crazy orphans
No.6=The Lizard Lords
No.7=Record store guys
No.8 will resume all characters

Every Tuesday over on the Uncivilized Books Tubmlr page I'll be running a serialized index to all of the references in Eel Mansions. Here's a few excerpts to get you interested/started. Later today I'll post a tutorial on cooking Brussel Sprouts.Trust me, they're good.

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