Monday, November 10, 2008

Metropolis, The Big Gooey Hotplate of Nocturnal Desire

Deadlines come and soon they shall pass, ebbing forth into new foamy breaths of coronet mermaid beach b-movies. I mean, ahem, ah, say - here's a picture of me after being squirreled away for three days working on that Fantagraphics deadline. The raccoon bit IS true. There are two of them- Randy and Ramona. They aren't rabid like the other guys I had at my windo previously. Move to Brooklyn, enjoy the wildlife!

Also, some of the earlier pieces I posted are rough drafts that have since been redone. I'd also like to note that my sister made me watch boththe movies IF and Daisies (in one sitting). I think I'm changed forever!

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Anonymous said...

wow. your stuff is completely delicious. my favourites have got to be the backdrops in the fashion and video section. but definitely great art overall!