Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coffee Cup Stains On The Scanner

Again, it seems like forever ago when I completed the stories for Mome #14, and yet here they are. My third appearance in the anthology is now available directly from Fantagraphics Books

In another couple weeks it will be various bookstores.

The two panels I've presented here are uncropped drawings from the story Transfixation & The Winds of The North. It's a one pager using the coffee and ink stylings previously utilized on The Marriage Tree (Mome #13). I tend to draw large- those
panels are each around 9x8 inches. Other stories I have in Mome #14 utilize watercolor, ink washes and such. Style-wise and subject matter wise, every story is different. Most of them displaying the darker humor aspects of my work with less emphasis on the violent stuff. Here's a rough breakdown of what you're getting-

1. relationship maintenance during a poetry reading, nausea
2. a child and his cheesy parasites
3. a dorky mistaken identity, siblings, comics
4. science fiction failure, pancakes
5. bohemia tales & exaggerated truth
6. Pabst & mustachio'd induced ex-girlfriend wedding disruption (tasteful)
7. mammals, hoop earrings, the bar
8. relationship balance, syd barrett, & pickles

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