Friday, October 30, 2015

Girls Named Benji - Murder Shoes

The second single from our Daydreaming album was just released today. It's called Girls Named Benji, and it has its roots in a situationalist challenge between band mates. First we had the title and then had to write the music around it. In my mind, it would have a repetitive call back lyric in the verse and then I thought of solo Lou Reed or the Velvet Underground and went about writing some manner of song with the simple sort of lovable chug that makes the VU so damn catchy. In a strange turn of events, my absurdist lyrics stayed when we all worked it up for what we now have here. A bit of ridiculousness now set to footage from our recent midwest tour.

Daydreaming, produced by Knol Tate, arrives via Landski Records Nov. 6th with a release show happening at the Icehouse on Nov 10th. Live radio session soon after! Meow.

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