Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Book From Fantagraphics!

Sweet Christmas! It's almost here! Fantagraphics Books is pressing the third book in my art and fiction travelogue series, Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter via their new FU imprint. My previous books, Shutdown Vol. 3, and Journey By Ferry To Celibate City or Thigh Town, were done in the handy black and white 5x7 format. This time around, we got all coffee table on ya, and it's going to be a full color offset, 264 page, 8x10 monster.

Over the years I've made various prototypes and redesigned it a half dozen times, but now it's finished and you can see the final version of the book that documents the batshit crazy time that was my life in NYC the second time around. If you're interested in anything I do art-wise, this collection is a handy way to carry around a big chunk of it.

Like the other art books I've done, it's available in limited quantities, and since it's a weirdo art book, you won't find it at the airport bookseller. You can pre-order copies directly from Fantagraphics here. They'll treat you right.

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