Friday, December 18, 2009

Journey By Ferry To Celibate City Or Thigh Town

Slowly but surely, I've been compiling stories and art for the follow-up to my second book-Journey By Ferry. It will also be about 192 pages long but the size of the book may change. More on that later, but it occurred to me that I haven't made Journey By Ferry available for purchase in any real capacity lately. In an effort to correct that blunder, I'll be readjusting the shop on my website, but for now, I'll simply announce that copies of Journey By Ferry To Celibate City Or Thigh Town are available from me directly for $14postage paid each (domestic).Send checks to Derek Van Gieson, 341 St. Johns Place Apt1R, Brooklyn, NY, 11238. If you haven't heard about it or seen it, here's a peek at what you're missing.

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Leland Purvis said...

Got my copy at Bergen St Comics a couple months ago. Great, great work, man. Live, rich, spontaneous heartstuff.

Already looking forward to the follow up book. And to DevilDoll, and to the Sparrows book!