Monday, December 28, 2009

Whiskey/Sparrows/Devil Doll/Astronaut Blood (Preview part two)

The third book in the series of short fiction/art monographs (Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter) will also be coming out this coming year. At last count I had around sixty short stories to edit from and a wild assortment of drawings of various types. Copies of the second book- Journey By Ferry To Celibate City or Thigh Town are still available from me directly or through Bergen Street Comics (Park Slope), and Desert Island Books (Williamsburg). Printed Matter, Quimby's and St. Marks Books are all out of stock unfortunately. Some of the original artwork is available via Etsy.

Below are a couple art samples- click on them for enlargements.

If some of that seems a bit too out there, you can cool down with some of my rejected New Yorker cartoons down at the Fantagraphics Books website.
At least one of those should turn a frown upside down and around and over and back again.

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