Monday, December 28, 2009

Whiskey Is The Key/Devil Doll/Lovely Sparrows/Astronaut Blood (Update/Preview Part1)

Basically, I've been at work on twelve things at once, and though I've managed to keep my hair, it's been a frantic period of hard won productivity. Sometimes having to decide on which project to work on might ruin the entire day for me. There's also the day job that holds everything back a few paces. A transition into storyboarding is also on the horizon and that portfolio also cuts into things, but in a good way. I've definately learned plenty from books on the profession and I think it'll help improve my other work subconciously.

The work I've been delivering for Mome has been getting more and more intensive as there's the need to improve with every artwork delivery. Below are more panels from part three. Part one was a difficult start, the characters really come alive in the next two parts, and that is mostly due to my being more familiar with their facial and bodily quirks. I've also done more work from life in the newer chapters.

The Lovely Sparrows book is also still in progress. Below are two more pages- click the images to see enlargements. Shawn Jones, head Sparrow says the album is progessing nicely. While this song isn't on the album, it was cut during the sessions and animated by the very talented Eric Power, who's also working on the new album/book/mixed media animated project.

There's also the first issue of Whiskey Is The Key Says Me, a 100 page comics magazine that houses a variety of different stories of mine that haven't appeared in Mome. Below are a couple pages from a self parody also starring Michael Jada. I gave myself a David Nivens style moustache because I feel weird drawing self portraits.

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Virginia said...

Loving the moustache, DVG! I would never have recognised you. And I think your hands (in Devil Doll) are getting better, no? Not that I could draw a hand if my life depended on it ... I just remember you saying it was a tough thing to do.
LOVE the Prawns, especially "It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?"
See you soon, Vx