Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter (now available for purchase)

I know I've gone back and forth on this, but after having shared the galley (rough draft) of the 360 page version of Enough Astronaut Blood To Last the Winter with some friends, I've been encouraged to make it available temporarily to those curious about what I've been doing lit and art wise since 2006. I've already started to move on to other projects, and so, I thought it would be good to put it out there in the world. Either you see it or I lock it away under a pile of invisible cats.

What is it? A MASSIVE compilation of all of my artwork and writings generated while living in Brooklyn, NY. The ups and downs, the good and bad, all dealt with directly or in my usual abstract delivery. They say the truth is best dealt with in fiction. I say that is true. And there you have it, an honest and unedited book that delivers the artists experience. Don't believe it? take a gander.

The version up for purchase right now is the paperback and hardcover of the trade 6x9 format. The preview above is for the pulp version, just imagine it on cream paper rather than the white which is shown.

Plus original art for sale -here.

Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter (copyright 2012 by Derek Van Gieson)

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