Thursday, June 21, 2012

Post-Mome Work In Progress: EEL MANSIONS

In case you haven't stopped over at my other blarg, here's the skinny: After doing work for Mome until it ended some months ago, I had been messing about with different types of stories in order to find a way forward. Something that may be a bit longer in scope that will allow for lots of changes in order to sustain my interest and hopefully yours. The first chapter follows one character for a bit of groundwork and then after that will be some meta elements and some genre surveys. Bouncing back and forth while keeping all of the elements in play. That allows for some art style changes and so forth. Right now there are only 11 pages up, but that's plenty to get started with. EEL MANSIONS is updated weekly. Sometimes a page, sometimes four. Check it out.

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