Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sugar Fish Marinade

One of my favorite dishes to make is baked salmon with tricked out black beans and corn bread or corn muffins. My grandmother watched me make this once with her usual scorn and said "I ain't never heard of no sugar fish". Obviously she tried it and loved it. But, here's the salmon marinade for the record.

Sugarfish Marinade (for 4+ humans)

2.5 fingers minced ginger
equal amount minced garlic
put that shit in a bowl
half small bottle of maple syrup
equal amount soy sauce
good squirt of dijon mustard
tablespoon crushed red pepper
mix that shit up
pour that over precut salmon portions in a giant ziplock bag
marinade up to a day before (even if you don't got time, an hour is better than nuthin'.)
Prior to baking, pour ALL contents into a baking dish with some manner of lip, arrange all stuff in pan and add crushed tomatoes in with everything. I think you bake that shit at 350 for 15 minutes. Double check that. I always do.
add some cilantro on top at the end so they think you're a hotshot punk.

This drawing and six years worth of others available in my new mammoth book. (see last entry for order/preview details)

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